Top PHP Frameworks

PHP is an open source server side scripting language which has become one of the most used programming languages for developing websites and applications. A PHP framework provides a basic structure for streamlining the event of web apps. We use them because they speed up the event process.
There are some top rated PHP Frameworks.


A free and open-source PHP framework, Laravel has managed to realize popularity among the people due to its unmatched capability of handling complicated web applications. It’s a secure framework that’s known to easily the method of application development through authentication, security, routing, and caching.


Codelgniter is famously Known for its small footprint. CodeIgniter is a PHP framework which is mostly used for developing dynamic websites. Copdelgniter offers numerous prebuilt modules that help with constructing robust and reusable components.


Symfony has existed far longer than most PHP frameworks within the business, which showcases that it’s held the trust of developers for over a decade, maturing with its age. The framework is an in depth PHP framework, and it’s the only framework which follows the standards of PHP and web completely. Symfony components are employed by popular content management systems like Drupal, OroCRM, and PHP Bulletin Board (PHPBB).


This is one among the very lightweight & popular PHP frameworks that’s fully featured. The latest version Version 3 of this zend framework is now available, with new major improvements.


CakePHP is that the right choice for beginners. It helps in developing commercial web solutions rapidly. Scaffolding functionality and code generation features to hurry up the event process and make building both small and sophisticated systems more straightforward, more manageable. it’s free for commercial or personal use.


Yii allows you to create any web app which makes it fast and most secluded PHP frameworks, as more developers choose Yii. It’s a huge community which makes it easier to urge help and support during any project. They even have a core team to form improvements and convey out the simplest for the developers. Extensibility helps you to customize all the pieces even of Core’s code.

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