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Top 10 Windows 10 Features

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Microsoft’s Windows Operating System is not a single thing. It is an associated collection of features built atop other features that trace back to the start of the time-tested OS .
There are some important features of windows 10.

Start Menu

It’s what Windows 8 detractors are clamoring for, and Microsoft has finally brought back the beginning Menu. Now, once you click on the beginning button at rock bottom left of the screen, you get two panels side by side, with the left column showing pinned, recently and most-used apps.

Phone App

This is probably the most important new piece in Windows 10 October 2018 Update. It should make Android users happy, but it’ll be a disappointment for iPhone users like myself.

Desktop Button

Desktop button actually actually relates to Windows 7, but is handy nonetheless. On the bottom-right corner of the desktop may be a secret button. Don’t see it? Look all the thanks to rock bottom and right, beyond the date and time. There you will find a little little sliver of an invisible button. Click it to attenuate all of your open windows.

Block Distractions

Press pause on notifications, sounds, and alerts. And when you’re done focusing, you get a summary of everything you missed.

Light Theme

The biggest new visual change to Windows 10 within the May 2019 Update could also be a replacement light theme. It takes over because the default theme for Windows 10 Home, and it’s essentially a white version of the currently black theme that the bulk people use in Windows 10. While Windows 10’s dark mode isn’t always consistent throughout the OS , the white theme is fairly well-executed across the OS , due to plenty of apps and areas using white backgrounds as standard

Windows Sandbox

Most of the changes within the May 2019 update are tweaks and refinements to existing features. one among the few brand-new tools is that the Windows Sandbox. It’s only available for those on Windows 10 Pro and above, and enables you to run software during a safe environment.


If you’re not a lover of the Cortana digital assistant in Windows 10, then Microsoft’s latest May 2019 Update has some new options for you. Microsoft is now decoupling search and Cortana within the Windows 10 task bar, allowing voice queries to be handled separately to typing during a search box to seek out documents and files.

Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer was replaced by Microsoft Edge, which features a replacement rendering engine called EdgeHTML. Edge also integrates with the Cortana Digital Assistant to supply voice control, search, and personalized info to users.

Xbox App

You will soon be ready to play any Xbox One game on your PC or tablet, with the Xbox app for Windows 10. The new OS will support Xbox game streaming (through your home network), with improved speed and graphics performance because of DirectX 12 support.


This feature actually debuted in Windows 7, but I’ve found tons of individuals do not know about it or use it (but they should—it’s cool!). If you’ve got a display filled with windows, clear the clutter by grabbing the highest of the window you are doing like and “shaking” it to attenuate all the opposite windows. Suddenly having shaker’s remorse? Shake again and therefore the windows will come .

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