Top 10 Android Features

One of the good things about Android is how intuitive it’s . There are some important features that are not clearly shown so we discuss here. Here, we’ve gathered a number of the simplest Android features you would possibly have missed.

Dark Mode

Dark mode are often activated via a quick-tile setting or once you activate the battery saver option. A screenshot shared by Google shows that dark mode also will affect Google Podcasts, Photos, and Search.

Gesture Navigation

Android has used a typical three-button navigation bar at rock bottom of the screen for ages. In Pie, you’ll drop the quality Back, Home, and up to date buttons in favor of a replacement gesture-based navigation system.

Quick Settings

The quick settings buttons offer a handy thanks to adjust certain Android features. These icons at the highest of the phone once you pull down the notification shade but they’re quite just toggles.
Tap and hold certain icons and you’ll be taken to their dedicated page within the settings. This is often a swift thanks to access a setting once you want to try to to quite just switch it on or off; I exploit it to quickly enter the Bluetooth menu for manual device pairing.

Smart Reply

Smart Reply is one among the higher Google features out there, predicting what you’re getting to say in response to a message. It’s currently available for Google apps, but it’s now coming to all or any messaging apps in Android 10.

Copy Text

This function is merely available on Android Pie and just for some devices, but it’s the potential to become a classic.
When viewing apps with text within the recent apps menu, you’ll highlight and replica text without opening the app itself. It’s alittle addition, but one that would be a frequent time saver time when copying or sharing content.

Quicker Access

It’s already super easy to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options, but Google is making this process a touch easier when you’re in apps. Enter the settings panel.

Screenshot Shortcut

The default Power + Volume Down button combination for screenshots may be a little awkward. Thus, in Android Pie, you’ll take a shortcut from the facility menu anytime.
What’s more, you’ll also tap the Edit command within the notification that appears to form adjustments to your shot directly .

Quickly Swap

Double tapping the recent apps button will return you to your previous app, meaning you’ll quickly switch between your two most up-to-date apps without opening the dedicated menu. It’s an excellent time-saver, albeit the animated transition are often a touch janky.

QR Codes

Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones have allowed users to share Wi-Fi credentials via QR codes for an extended time now. So we’re glad to ascertain Google adopt this trend with the new Android update.
The feature is straightforward to use, as you tap on your Wi-Fi connection, hit the share button, then authenticate together with your phone’s password or a fingerprint.

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