Student Information System in C# with Source Code

Download Free Student Information System in c# Desktop application source code and database. C# with free source code and database. Student Information system is a simple project that developed in c# and database designed in MSSQL. With the help of this project you can add new Students,Student statics, student grades, and assignments. This project has a login system after login there is main form which has 3 tabs. Student, Course and Score. In student section user can add/remove or edit any student. There is a complete students list. There is also students statics. The second tab of main form is of Course section. In course section user can add new course edit any course and also can remove. User also can manage the course here. The 3rd section of main form is Score section. In this section user can edit, remove, add new score and manage the score of students. In this section user has to manage the numbers of students in any subject. Students Information System is a simple C# Project which is very easy to operate.
Project Name: Student Information System
Language: C#
Programming Tool: Visual Studio 2012
Database: MSSQL
Database Tool: SQL Management Studio 2008

Top Features

  • Add Students
  • Add student related information
  • Add student grades
  • Add student Assignments
  • Add student statics
  • Update Students
  • Update students information

How to Setup:

  1. Install SharpDevelop Setup
  2. Install SQLyog
  3. Download Source Code & Database from Given Link
  4. Open .sln File
  5. Restore Database
  6. Run Your Project
Download Source Code Here:

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