Post Office Management System in c# with Source code

Post Office Management system in c# desktop Application with Source code download for free . Post Office Management software system is an  system that is use to Maintain the Post Office records such as add  Product Name,Address,Destination Address ,Designation,Current Status. It developed in and This system database Design in MSSQL for storage .You can download it . We have Awesome Free Source Code Projects.

Main Features of  Post Office Management system

  • Add product Record.
  • Post Registration.
  • RDI money.
  • New Record.
  • user security
  • Admin role.
  • calculation overall day cost.
  • Total overall Reports availability in crystal reports.
    Accessing this system using the admin accounts:
    Password: admin

Source code Downloading Link

Database Downloading Link

How to Setup Project 

  • Install Visual Studio 2010.
  • Install  SQL management Studio 2012.
  • Download Source code and Database link above Given.
  • Open .sln File in visual studio 2010.
  • step 5 Restore Database .bak file into  Sql management studio.
  • Change Connection String  with you MSSQL server name , userID, Password.
  • Run your project.

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