Mobile Shop Management System in C# with Source Code

 Mobile Shop Management System in C# Desktop application with Source code Download for free.Mobile shop management system is use to manage the whole Inventory of  Shop Like add Stock, Full Stock management,Point of sale,items sales record,Customer invoices detail, customer invoice Movement. item ledger. Mobile Shop Project is developed in C# in Desktopp application and database Designed in MSSQL. This code is helpful for for students for learning purpose. We have a great number of collection of c# Desktop Applications.

Main Features Of Mobile Shop System

  • Login
  • Add Stock
  • Point of sale
  • item ledge
  • item Audit report
  • Item sale record
  • customer invoices record
  • customer Invoices moment
  • Stock in transit
  • Customer’s Information
  • View Costumer’s Record
  • Stock List
  • Delete Record
Project Name Mobile Shop Management System
Language C#
Programming Tool Visual Studio 2010
Database MySQL
Database Tool MySQL Workbench

Download Source Code Here

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