Employees Time Management Program in C# with Source Code

Download Employees Time Management Program in C# with Source code for free. Time Clock is use to Manage the time table of employees to manage daily activity work like set time with work detail then at the time system will give alert to specific user that is login. Employees Time Clock is developed in C# and database Design in MS SQL.  We have a great  collection of c# VB.Net Free Source Code Projects.

Main Features Of Time Clock

  • Login
  • set time
  • set detail
  • set alert time
  • admin can assign task
  • admin can share task list with employee
  • Add Employees
  • Add PDO
  • Admin
  • My Time
  • Remove Employees
  • Report


Project Employees Time Management Program
Language C#
Tool Visual Studio 2012
Database Microsoft SQL Server
Database Tool DBComparer

Download Source Code Here

Download Project Here 

How  Setup Project

step 1

  • Install Visual Studio 2010.

Step 2

  • Install  SQL management Studio 2012.

Step 3

  • Download Source code and Database link above Given.

Step 4

  • Open .sln File in visual studio 2010.

Step 5

  • step 5 Restore Database .bak file into  Sql management studio.

Step 6

  • Change Connection String  with you MSSQL server name , userID, Password.

Step 7

  • Run your project.

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