Employees Record System in C# with Source Code

 Employees Record System in C# Desktop application with Source code Download for Free. Employees Record System is developed in C# and database Design in MSSQL. This Employees Record System is use to Manage the Organisation Employee Record like Add Employee Information,Update employee information,Search employee,uploading of Employee Degrees, Pics,System User management system. Employees Record System Project is helpful for educational Purpose and Professional use. We have a great collection of c# VB.Net Free Source Code Projects.

Project Name: Employees Record System
Language: C#
Database: MSSQL
Programming Tool: Visual Studio 2012
Database Tool: SQL Management Studio 2012


Main Features!

  • Add Employee
  • Update
  • Search
  • Upload Files
  • View
  • Remove
  • Create User
  • Retrieve User
  • Update User
  • Delete User

Username: admin

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