Advertisement Agency Management System in c# with Source Code

Download Free Advertisement Agency Management System in c# with Source code and Database. Ad Agency Management system is a simple project in c# that can be used to manage the sale improvement. . The Software is developed in c# and database Design in MS SQL. You can download it easily. It is Totally free of cost. This software is 100% working. This software code helpful for learning purpose and also for Practical use. We have a great collection of c# Desktop Applications Free Source Code Projects.

Project  Advertisement Agency Management System
Language C#
Tool Visual Studio 2012
Database MS SQL
Database Tool SQL Management Studio 2012

Main Features of Advertising Agency

  • Registration
  • Update
  • Ad Details
  • Ad Generation
  • Budget List
  • Pricing List
  • Login
  • user based Role
  • Security levels

Download File Here

How to Setup project

  • Install Visual Studio 2010.
  • Install  SQL management Studio 2012.
  • Download Source code and Database link above Given.
  • Open .sln File in visual studio 2010.
  • step 5 Restore Database .bak file into  Sql management studio.
  • Change Connection String  with you MSSQL server name , userID, Password.
  • Run your project.

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